Brick & Wood Restoration: Make Them Look New Again

Many homes feature brick or wood on their exterior. Over the course of time, weather and age can take a toll on both of these surfaces. This leads to a withered look as the appearance will start to fade. The good news is there is a way to restore a fresh new look.

Brick Restoration
Brick is a strong material that can stand up to tough conditions. But it is not impervious to the natural elements and can begin to show signs of wear. A way to restore brick to its original look is to go with pressure washing as it is a much cheaper and faster alternative to replacement. This removes all types of stains and in order to be done safely, the pressure washer should be set at the appropriate psi, which determines how much pressure is applied with the wash. This removes mold, dirt, grime, algae and mud.

The process should be done with broad strokes spread out evenly on the surface. It can be done to the bricks on the exterior of a residence or on any pavers or walkways that are made of brick. It is also important not to pressure wash too close to the brick while the use of a broad angle tip is recommended. These finer points of brick restoration are common practice for professional pressure washing services.

Wood Restoration
Wood might seem like a more delicate material, although it can withstand soft washing with the psi not turned up to an excessively high level. Wood is not as commonly used to cover the exterior of a home. However, decks, fences and porches are often made of wood and their appeal can wane over time. Soft washing these surfaces can restore them to their original look.

It is also important to recognize the different types of wood when soft washing as some are more durable than others. The process actually does away with the thin top layer that is dried out and worn. Applying just the right psi removes this layer and reveals the original fence color underneath that top layer. However, it is important to note that too much pressure will remove more than is needed and could wear down the integrity of the wood. It takes a delicate balance to remove that top layer.

There are nuances between wood and brick restoration and it takes the eye and hand of trained professional to understand the right level of pressure that needs to be applied for restoration.