Why replace your roof when it can be clean?

Soft washing a roof is a form of preventative maintenance that can keep you from having to dole out a lot of money for roof replacement. It is a way of extending the life of your roof and that provides homeowners with numerous benefits. Here is a look at the reasons regular soft washing can make you forget about having to find the money for an expensive roof replacement.

Breeding ground for algae

First, it should be mentioned that roofs are breeding grounds for the growth of all different types of fungi. Algae is a common one that will leave shingles with black streaks. Algae grows more abundantly during the summer when temperatures are high. This thrives on moisture that is commonly found on some kinds of shingles. This also detracts from a roof’s capability of reflective ultraviolet rays and that can lead to roof rot. Continued growth of algae can reduce the lifespan of a roof by as much as a decade.

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Moss buildup

Soft washing removes algae and the gentle way this process is done makes sure to keep shingles intact. It is also a means of removing moss from a roof. Moss has a bit of a different effect, albeit still detrimental. Moss grows more easily in areas that have shaded and damp conditions. The roots of the moss embed into the roof and infiltrate the spaces between shingles. Most importantly, it keeps moisture in and that makes the entire area damp. It is something that can cause a plethora of problems, but it can also be easily eliminated with a soft wash exterior cleaning.

A cheaper alternative

Rotting and leaking become more of a possibility on roofs that sustain a presence of moisture. Having a roof soft washed by a professional service does more than just provide a cleaning. The soft washing uses chemicals that destroy fungus down to its roots and prohibits any future growth. The process is more involved than just shooting a hose and spraying some cleaning products.

The process also significantly slows the need for roof replacement. Every roof will eventually have to be replaced, but why do it any sooner than it is needed? Regular soft washing can give your roof extended life and eliminate problem areas that you might not even be able to see. Just because you may not notice mold, mildew, moss or algae, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.