The Importance of Interior Gutter Cleaning

Front Elevation Large Single Family Home

Gutters on a home have more than one purpose. They serve as part of the exterior appeal, although they also have an important functionality. And to ensure that functionality, it is important to maintain the interior of the gutters. Here is a look at all the benefits that come with regular gutter cleaning.

Protects the Roof

Gutters catch leaves and other kinds of debris. An accumulation can cause water to pool to the point where it starts to affect the roof. Full gutters allow rainwater to collect and that could leave your roof soaked for extended periods of time. That could lead to rotting and if it continues, you could be in for some costly roof repairs.

Deters Pests

Gutters that are filled with leaves, twigs and sticks provide a nesting place for critters and even birds. These can even lead to a nesting place for mosquitos. Cleaning out your gutters regularly will also remove the welcome mat for pests.

Keeps Excess Water Out of Garden

A lot of homes have garden beds underneath the gutters. Full gutters will cause heavy doses of water to pour down onto garden beds and this can be a detriment to the health of your plants. It could, in fact, be a way of drowning them.

Maintains Brackets

The brackets that hold gutters in place are only capable of holding so much weight. Excess debris and the accumulation of water and ice puts unneeded stress on the brackets. If left unattended, this issue could cause the brackets to break and the gutters to collapse.

Keep Cracks Out of Foundation

When water collects in the gutters, it can seep into the foundation of a home. In the winter months, that water may freeze. This process causes the water to expand when it is in a frozen state, it can start to cause cracking in the foundation.

Protects Fascia

The board that is aligned behind the gutter is referred to as the fascia. This is a main part of the overall gutter system. Pooling water could infiltrate the fascia and cause damage to the entire system.

Prevents Basement Flooding

Basement flooding can be caused by full gutters. Since water cannot fill the gutters, it winds up pouring down in bunches. When that water hits the ground, it can pool and wind up trickling into the lowest point of a home, which is the basement. That creates a myriad of problems.