Residential Soft Wash: 3 Ways To Improve Your Curb Appeal

Modern House Exterior With Curb Appeal. View Of Garage And Spaci

Curb appeal is integral to increasing the value of a home. That helps when trying to sell a home and it is also a benefit for homeowners who want their homes to look their best. A residential soft wash is an excellent way to maintain that curb appeal and here are three ways to accomplish that task.

Soft Wash the Siding

The appearance of home siding can completely shape the opinion of someone looking at it from street level. But soft washing does more than just provide a fresh new look. It also eliminates mold, algae and mildew at a molecular level. This enables the exterior to remain cleaner for longer periods of time and also disinfects the exterior. The use of cleaning agents in the soft wash process does away with the need for high pressure and the end result is that it protects the structure from damage. Beyond the structural benefits is the restorative look that will enhance the overall curb appeal as the siding is a major component.

Soft Wash the Roof

When appraising a home, one of the main contributors is the shape of the roof. It is also one of the first things prospective buyers examine. A dirty or stained roof will give the impression that it is in poor condition, even if that is not the case. That impression could lead to doubt among prospective buyers and compel them to look elsewhere. All that can be avoided with a residential soft wash. It is vital to protect the integrity of the shingles, which makes a soft wash the most optimal choice. The low pressure of soft wash lessens the chance of water penetration, thus eliminating any damage.

Soft Wash Wood Fences

Wood fences can take up a lot of space on a property. That means it is a large component of the overall curb appeal. Soft washing is gentler on wood fences because it relies more on cleaning chemicals than high levels of pressure. This also requires the right type of equipment as soft washing fences is not something that should be attempted by those without training or experience. The minimal amount of pressurization is what makes this process safe for wood fences which can be delicate. The fence surrounding a home may also be the first thing people see from the street and enhancing its curb appeal is a primary key to selling a home.