Why replace your roof when it can be clean?

Soft washing a roof is a form of preventative maintenance that can keep you from having to dole out a lot of money for roof replacement. It is a way of extending the life of your roof and that provides homeowners with numerous benefits. Here is a look at the reasons regular soft washing can make you forget about having to find the money for an expensive roof replacement.

Breeding ground for algae

First, it should be mentioned that roofs are breeding grounds for the growth of all different types of fungi. Algae is a common one that will leave shingles with black streaks. Algae grows more abundantly during the summer when temperatures are high. This thrives on moisture that is commonly found on some kinds of shingles. This also detracts from a roof’s capability of reflective ultraviolet rays and that can lead to roof rot. Continued growth of algae can reduce the lifespan of a roof by as much as a decade.

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Moss buildup

Soft washing removes algae and the gentle way this process is done makes sure to keep shingles intact. It is also a means of removing moss from a roof. Moss has a bit of a different effect, albeit still detrimental. Moss grows more easily in areas that have shaded and damp conditions. The roots of the moss embed into the roof and infiltrate the spaces between shingles. Most importantly, it keeps moisture in and that makes the entire area damp. It is something that can cause a plethora of problems, but it can also be easily eliminated with a soft wash exterior cleaning.

A cheaper alternative

Rotting and leaking become more of a possibility on roofs that sustain a presence of moisture. Having a roof soft washed by a professional service does more than just provide a cleaning. The soft washing uses chemicals that destroy fungus down to its roots and prohibits any future growth. The process is more involved than just shooting a hose and spraying some cleaning products.

The process also significantly slows the need for roof replacement. Every roof will eventually have to be replaced, but why do it any sooner than it is needed? Regular soft washing can give your roof extended life and eliminate problem areas that you might not even be able to see. Just because you may not notice mold, mildew, moss or algae, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Brick & Wood Restoration: Make Them Look New Again

Many homes feature brick or wood on their exterior. Over the course of time, weather and age can take a toll on both of these surfaces. This leads to a withered look as the appearance will start to fade. The good news is there is a way to restore a fresh new look.

Brick Restoration
Brick is a strong material that can stand up to tough conditions. But it is not impervious to the natural elements and can begin to show signs of wear. A way to restore brick to its original look is to go with pressure washing as it is a much cheaper and faster alternative to replacement. This removes all types of stains and in order to be done safely, the pressure washer should be set at the appropriate psi, which determines how much pressure is applied with the wash. This removes mold, dirt, grime, algae and mud.

The process should be done with broad strokes spread out evenly on the surface. It can be done to the bricks on the exterior of a residence or on any pavers or walkways that are made of brick. It is also important not to pressure wash too close to the brick while the use of a broad angle tip is recommended. These finer points of brick restoration are common practice for professional pressure washing services.

Wood Restoration
Wood might seem like a more delicate material, although it can withstand soft washing with the psi not turned up to an excessively high level. Wood is not as commonly used to cover the exterior of a home. However, decks, fences and porches are often made of wood and their appeal can wane over time. Soft washing these surfaces can restore them to their original look.

It is also important to recognize the different types of wood when soft washing as some are more durable than others. The process actually does away with the thin top layer that is dried out and worn. Applying just the right psi removes this layer and reveals the original fence color underneath that top layer. However, it is important to note that too much pressure will remove more than is needed and could wear down the integrity of the wood. It takes a delicate balance to remove that top layer.

There are nuances between wood and brick restoration and it takes the eye and hand of trained professional to understand the right level of pressure that needs to be applied for restoration.

Residential Soft Wash: 3 Ways To Improve Your Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal is integral to increasing the value of a home. That helps when trying to sell a home and it is also a benefit for homeowners who want their homes to look their best. A residential soft wash is an excellent way to maintain that curb appeal and here are three ways to accomplish that task.

Soft Wash the Siding

The appearance of home siding can completely shape the opinion of someone looking at it from street level. But soft washing does more than just provide a fresh new look. It also eliminates mold, algae and mildew at a molecular level. This enables the exterior to remain cleaner for longer periods of time and also disinfects the exterior. The use of cleaning agents in the soft wash process does away with the need for high pressure and the end result is that it protects the structure from damage. Beyond the structural benefits is the restorative look that will enhance the overall curb appeal as the siding is a major component.

Soft Wash the Roof

When appraising a home, one of the main contributors is the shape of the roof. It is also one of the first things prospective buyers examine. A dirty or stained roof will give the impression that it is in poor condition, even if that is not the case. That impression could lead to doubt among prospective buyers and compel them to look elsewhere. All that can be avoided with a residential soft wash. It is vital to protect the integrity of the shingles, which makes a soft wash the most optimal choice. The low pressure of soft wash lessens the chance of water penetration, thus eliminating any damage.

Soft Wash Wood Fences

Wood fences can take up a lot of space on a property. That means it is a large component of the overall curb appeal. Soft washing is gentler on wood fences because it relies more on cleaning chemicals than high levels of pressure. This also requires the right type of equipment as soft washing fences is not something that should be attempted by those without training or experience. The minimal amount of pressurization is what makes this process safe for wood fences which can be delicate. The fence surrounding a home may also be the first thing people see from the street and enhancing its curb appeal is a primary key to selling a home.

The Importance of Interior Gutter Cleaning

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Gutters on a home have more than one purpose. They serve as part of the exterior appeal, although they also have an important functionality. And to ensure that functionality, it is important to maintain the interior of the gutters. Here is a look at all the benefits that come with regular gutter cleaning.

Protects the Roof

Gutters catch leaves and other kinds of debris. An accumulation can cause water to pool to the point where it starts to affect the roof. Full gutters allow rainwater to collect and that could leave your roof soaked for extended periods of time. That could lead to rotting and if it continues, you could be in for some costly roof repairs.

Deters Pests

Gutters that are filled with leaves, twigs and sticks provide a nesting place for critters and even birds. These can even lead to a nesting place for mosquitos. Cleaning out your gutters regularly will also remove the welcome mat for pests.

Keeps Excess Water Out of Garden

A lot of homes have garden beds underneath the gutters. Full gutters will cause heavy doses of water to pour down onto garden beds and this can be a detriment to the health of your plants. It could, in fact, be a way of drowning them.

Maintains Brackets

The brackets that hold gutters in place are only capable of holding so much weight. Excess debris and the accumulation of water and ice puts unneeded stress on the brackets. If left unattended, this issue could cause the brackets to break and the gutters to collapse.

Keep Cracks Out of Foundation

When water collects in the gutters, it can seep into the foundation of a home. In the winter months, that water may freeze. This process causes the water to expand when it is in a frozen state, it can start to cause cracking in the foundation.

Protects Fascia

The board that is aligned behind the gutter is referred to as the fascia. This is a main part of the overall gutter system. Pooling water could infiltrate the fascia and cause damage to the entire system.

Prevents Basement Flooding

Basement flooding can be caused by full gutters. Since water cannot fill the gutters, it winds up pouring down in bunches. When that water hits the ground, it can pool and wind up trickling into the lowest point of a home, which is the basement. That creates a myriad of problems.